Medical PCs for 24/7 Operation

Our Medical PCs are specially developed for hospitals and medical practises. With their high-quality components, they are predestined for all tasks in the medical field. Doctors and nursing teams can concentrate fully on their patients – in 24/7 shift operation and with the highest data security.

International brands and companies in the healthcare sector have been relying on individually tailored and assembled hardware from CONCEPT International for years. As a Value Added Distributor (VAD) we take care of the entire value chain from procurement, customization, quality control, configuration and delivery.

Our manufacturer DT Research from the North American Silicon Valley has been producing mobile PCs since 1995 – and for many years also for the medical sector. The years of experience have resulted in smart design and excellent wireless reception, which is essential for mobile use. We offer panel PCs for mounting on trolleys as well as medical tablet PCs from DT Research. All products are certified according to IEC 60601 standard and are also designed to be antimicrobial and detergent resistant.

Discover our variety of devices – and feel free to contact us so we can help you choose the best medical PC!
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