Munich, February 21, 2019 – Concept International announces the new generation of DT Research’s successful DT592/594 round trolley PC. Both the 21.5-inch DT592 and the slightly larger 23.5-inch DT594 operate without a fan and are convenient to clean due to the flattened front sealed to IP65 protection standards to strictly comply with the high hygiene standards in healthcare. Current Intel processor performance of the seventh Core-i generation as well as battery operation up to 14 hours demonstrate performance readiness for continuous use in clinics, hospitals, care facilities or laboratories.

In everyday hospital life, regular hand disinfection is not the only basic hygiene requirement. With the advance of digitalization and the introduction of electronic end devices into hospital processes, frequent cleaning of the hardware is also necessary, especially when it is used in contact with patients. The flat, rimless front of the new DT592/94 with IP65 sealing and the seamless back allow for residue-free antibacterial cleaning. Despite its Core-i power, the new “medical” PC does not require a fan, which significantly reduces maintenance and meets the highest hygiene requirements, even in preoperative clinical settings.

With up to 14 hours of battery operation as well as their replacement on the fly, the DT592/94 shows no signs of fatigue. This makes it ideal not only for use during rounds, but also as a flexible mobile workstation for medical staff. With a VESA mount, the PC can be easily mounted on all standard ward/round trolleys without the need for complex electrification of the round trolley. Alternatively, the AiO-PC is also available in a low-priced bundle with the ward/visit trolleys of the manufacturers Hinz and März as well as a capacitive touch display.

Price and availability

The DT592 and DT594 business trolley PCs are offered in a wide range of variants with Intel Celeron (for thin client use, for example) through to Core i7 CPUs. The price for the equipment with Core-i5 and 8 GB RAM is 2700 and 2780 Euros. Resellers receive attractive conditions. Further information about the DT Research products exclusively distributed by Concept International can be found here: