Munich, March 27, 2021 – Value-added distributor Concept International will showcase mobile PCs and hardware for hospitals, rehab clinics, medical practices and emergency services at DMEA (June 8-10, 2019 in Berlin). These include the DT592 and DT594 battery-powered mobile all-in-one PCs, the DT524 all-in-one PC and DT313-MD medical tablet from DT Research, and the VM23med medical thin client from Giada. Concept also has a battery system in its trade show luggage that flexibly supplies power to PCs and peripherals from the visit cart. DMEA (formerly conhIT) is the leading event for healthcare IT. Interested visitors will find Concept at booth C-111 in hall 1.2.

Efficient workflows and the support of digital processes directly with the patient are currently among the key challenges facing clinics, care facilities and emergency services. Concept International will be demonstrating what is important in the medical sector in terms of hardware at Stand C-111 in Hall 1.2, using mobile computers and tablet PCs from DT Research, among other things, which the Munich-based value-added distributor sells exclusively in Germany. Detergent-resistant, drop-proof, anti-microbial coated and equipped with hot-swappable batteries, the tablet PCs and mobile workstations are ideal for data retrieval and data acquisition in medical facilities and for rescue forces in the field.

DT592 and DT594: Mobile All-in-One PCs for ward and ward round trolleys

Both the DT592 and DT594 devices are designed for ward use and for use on ward trolleys and are EN60601-1 certified. The DT592 includes a 22-inch screen, the DT594 a 24-inch screen. Both units can be mounted on common ward and ward round trolleys using VESA mounting brackets. This allows hospitals to digitize even older ward trolley stocks with little effort. Alternatively, the DT592 and DT594 are available in combination with new ward and ward round trolleys from the manufacturers Hinz and März.

With three integrated rechargeable batteries (combined battery life 14 hours), which can be changed during operation, the all-in-one computers from DT Research remain ready for operation for a particularly long time. The devices are not only suitable for use during rounds, but also as a flexible mobile workstation for physicians. Thanks to the smooth rear side of the housing and splash-proof front according to IP54 protection class, the all-in-one PCs are easy to clean and meet the hygiene requirements in clinical environments.

DT313-MD: Medical tablet for mobile data capture at the point of care

The revised DT313-MD tablet was developed for mobile use, for example in ambulances. In addition to its robustness, it scores with mobile features such as Bluetooth, WLAN and LTE connectivity. The DT313-MD has three USB ports and an HDMI interface for external devices. The LCD display measures 13.3 inches, comes to the customer with Full HD resolution (1920×1080) and can be operated via touch or pen. Optional extras include a camera at the front and back of the device, a wrist strap and handle, and a barcode reader. The DT313-MD weighs 1,800 grams and measures 270 x 335 x 21 millimeters. The device is powered by a current Intel Celeron Dual Core or Core-i processor and a working memory of 4 to 16 GB. The DT313-MD uses Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise as its operating system. The built-in buffer battery bridges the power supply for five minutes. This allows the user to swap the battery during operation and an adapted BIOS shuts down the computer in a controlled manner without data loss if required. The tablet is EN60601-1 certified.

DT524: Robust all-in-one PC for stations

The EN60601-1 certified DT524 is an all-in-one PC with a sixth-generation Intel processor and a 24-inch full HD display. It is optionally available as a touch-enabled variant with 4K resolution (3860×2160). This device is fanless and has an anti-microbial housing, ideal for environmental conditions in clinics and medical practices. Connectivity is provided by Bluetooth and WiFi interfaces. Also integrated in the device: A smart card reader and a dual-band RFID reader with single sign-on authentication. Like the DT313-MD, the DT524 also includes a buffer battery for battery replacement and safe shutdown. The DT524 can also be installed on trolleys by means of a device for standardized VESA mounts.

VM23med: Thin client for the medical sector

For facilities that rely on desktop virtualization, the new VM23med from Giada can also be seen at the booth. This is an inexpensive yet powerful thin and zero client, which is housed in a medical white anti-microbial aluminum case and can be used with up to two monitors. Thanks to the VXL Cloud Desktop operating system, the VM23med is compatible with all Citrix and VMware Horizon View environments. Connectivity is provided by one HDMI, one Ethernet and two USB ports, as well as an optional WLAN interface.

3-fold battery pack: Uninterrupted juice for station IT

Last but not least, Concept will be presenting a pioneering solution for uninterrupted power supply to mobile IT devices on wards at its booth at the DMEA: The 3-fold battery pack from DT Research can be attached to any ward, ward round or trolley in various positions using a standardized bracket with just four screws. It powers up to three devices simultaneously, for example PCs, Zebra printers, vital sign monitors or tablets. The battery pack offers one output each for 12, 15 and 19 volts. Three DR202 batteries (85W 7800mAh) each can be placed in the battery pack in a sturdy aluminum housing and can be replaced during operation.

“Medical facilities have increasingly ambitious IT hardware requirements,” says Mike Finckh, CEO of Concept International. “Tablets and PCs have to be extremely robust, but at the same time offer a range of functions that has to keep up with high-level industrial devices, for example in terms of brilliance, brightness and resolution of the display or in terms of processor performance and RAM. With our flexible assembly services, we can meet these requirements precisely and support digitization.”